american cowgirl # 5 sonya walz - nebraska our cowgirl ambassador for HETRA HEARTLAND EQUINE THERAPEUTIC RIDING ACADEMY
sonya walz’s tribute video on Youtube AMERICAN COWGIRL #05 - nebraska
Photo image selected for the painting
american cowgirl #5 sonya walz - nebraska walz performance horses
the painting “ American cowgirl #05 - sonya walz - nebraska ”
randi spending time with a new colt
Lana’s tribute video coming soon after completion of her painting.
photo & canvas IMAGES of american cowgirl # 5
american cowgirl #5 sonya walz - nebraska
AMERICAN COWGIRL #5      sonya walz           nebraska
Sonya and her husband Jim own and manage Walz Performance Horses just outside of Ainsworth, Nebraska and also their ranch by the same name outside of Wittman, Arizona. Click the image to see Sonya’s interview with Maddi Kempf on Youtube as she shares about Walz Performance Horses.
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sonya walz was on-boarded into the line-up as American Cowgirl #5 on august 31, 2014. PHOTOSHOOT DATES LOCATIONS october 4, 5, 2014 central states fairgrounds - rapid city, south dakota October 6, 7, 8, 2014 wammen ranch - reva, south dakota january 8, 2015 walz performance horses ranch - wittman, arizona august 1, 2016 walz performance horses ranch - ainsworth, nebraska The actual image which was my inspiration for sonya’s painting was taken at the wammen ranch outside of reva, south dakota
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My friend, Shelby Winnail, owns and operates HETRA. HETRA helps children and adults overcome physical and emotional adversity. Horses truly are powerful healers... Our soul can be soothed, our balance can be improved and our self confidence can soar when we allow horses into our lives! HETRA serves a variety of participants including children and adults with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, brain tumors, head or spinal cord injuries, visual impairments, autism, developmental delays, and strokes.
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Every little girl dreams of owning beautiful horses with flowing manes and tails. I am one of the lucky ones who actually gets to live the dream! I grew up on a ranch in North Western South Dakota where I spent my days working hard and riding through God’s beautiful creations. I do not know a time when horses weren’t part of my life. I have a very competitive nature. I have competed since I was a small child. I started with horseshows before I started school and by the time I was in high school, I had switched over to rodeo. I went to college on rodeo and academic scholarships. I have never stopped competing. Each day is a challenge to continue improving, to continue to fine tune, to continue with the equine love affair that I will forever be involved in! My husband and I now own and operate Walz Performance Horses in Nebraska. We have two amazing daughters who are a very large part of our business as well. We breed, raise and train barrel and rope horses which means I spend every day with horses! We own two stallions so our spring is busy with collections, shipments, breeding outside mares and our own mares and raising performance foals! Our summer, fall and winter involve training and competing. We spend our winters in Arizona and the rest of the year in Nebraska. My life is truly perfect! Of course, there are days when life can be difficult, but I have an amazingly supportive family and I have my horses. What else could a horse crazy girl need? If you want to learn a little more about me, feel free to visit!
sonya and her prized horse - ima firefighter
the newest addition to walz performance horses family - first moon medley
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