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shell abbott’s tribute video not yet available on Youtube                      AMERICAN COWGIRL #02 - shell abbott - arizona
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american cowgirl #2 shell abbott - arizona the abbott ranch
the painting “ American cowgirl #02 - shell abbott - arizona ”
Lana’s tribute video coming soon after completion of her painting.
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american cowgirl #2 shell abbott - arizona
AMERICAN COWGIRL #2      shell abbott           arizona
Shell and her husband Russ own and manage their ranch just outside of Maricopa, Arizona
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shell and her horse samson
shell abbott was on-boarded into the line-up as American Cowgirl #02 on february 15, 2014 PHOTOSHOOT DATES LOCATIONS february 16 2014 preshoot - wardrobe selection - maricopa, arizona february 23, 2014 hidden valley, arizona december 7, 2015 hidden valley, arizona - joint shoot with american cowgirl #1 AUGUST 10 & 12, 2018 thunderbird farms, arizona The actual image which was THE inspiration for shell ’s painting was taken in hidden valley, arizona
I was born in Arizona and since the age of four have been on a farm in the town of Maricopa. I have had a passion for horses as long as I can remember. We always had an assortment of animals on the farm but the horse was the one that provided me with freedom and strength. I think learning to ride and work with such a large animal as a young girl taught me more then I will ever know. I remember begging for my first real horse, not like the 30-year old horse that belonged to everyone and had died a few years back, now I wanted one of my own. I was told yes, but only if I bought it with my own money which didn't hinder me one bit. So, after two years of yard work, bake sales, and door to door sales, I finally had a whopping $700! I purchased my first Registered Appaloosa, with no spots and it had a turned out leg, at an auction. Even now, when I think back to that horse it brings tears of joy. She was fast, a little crazy, patient, and as an 11-year old that's what I wanted. I wasn't strong enough to put a saddle on and my mom didn't have near the time to put it on my 16.1 hand horse every time my heart desired to ride, which was every hour of every day. So, I learned to ride bareback doing anything and everything I could! We did everything together, and when I got in trouble there was nothing worse than getting grounded from my horse. As an adult, I still get the same love of riding and pleasure from just looking at and touching my horses. I am now a dog trainer and raise German Shepherds on my farm in Thunderbird just outside of the city. My dogs, I think, love the horses as much as I do and go with me out riding. Dogs and horses might not be the same, but learning to work with the horses as a child taught me that size doesn't get in the way of what you want, it's all about the technique and attitude. I live only 2 miles from my parents with my husband, doing what we love around those we love.
Growing up, my Mother was very open about the evils in the world and she wanted us to be aware of it, pray about it and do what we could to help stop it. I have been fortunate and personally driven to support several nonprofits over the years but the fight against human trafficking has been deep rooted in me. During my teenager years, my sister and I raised $4000 to help an organization whose goal was to free girls from captivity from the perpetrators of these horrific crimes against humanity. There is a movie that was recently released called Operation Underground Railroad that was made by OURRESCUE.ORG. It is this organization that I hold so dear to my heart and I am proud to be our American Cowgirls Ambassador to this Organization and to continue to support their cause through our Corporate donations.
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shell shares the difference that the american cowgirls project has made to her cowgirl life
Samson is Shell’s pride and joy. She had bred her appaloosa mare with a leopard appaloosa stallion from the south valley. After Samson’s birth 18 years ago this July 1st, Shell spent many a year in developing him to be her wonder horse. She broke and trained him and with his wonderful temperament is amazing around children and a pleasure to ride. Shell now has his daughter but for now, nothing compares to her bond with Samson.
shell owns her own dog training company
out of the shell dog training Shell has been gifted in many ways and one of her specialty areas is her ability to work with all animals from horses to training dogs. Shell’s Mother raised purebred German Shepherds and it was at a very young age that she realized she could ommunicate with the dogs. By the time Shell was 13, she was training those German Shepherds in 4H competitions. She took her extensive knowledge into the business world and she managed two Pet Club stores. From there it became apparent that she would focus her time in helping pet owners to properly train their dogs so they could bond in a loving relationship with their pet. Shell continues to enjoy her success in dog training as well as her Cowgirl way of life.
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