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american cowgirl #12 shea hill-Vega - colorado our cowgirl ambassador for feeders and friends
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the painting “ American cowgirl #12 - shea FLANIGAN - wyoming ”
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american cowgirl #12 shea hill-Vega - colorado
(at the time of painting completion, shea was living in wyoming)
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shea hill was on-boarded into the line-up as American Cowgirl #12 on DECEMBER 9, 2014. PHOTOSHOOT DATES LOCATIONS july 15, 2015 Troublesome Creek Ranch - kremmling, colorado july 16, 2015 snowy range ranch - laramie, wyoming july 17, 2015 30,000 acres of grazing land - rock river, wyoming The actual image which was my inspiration for shea’s painting was taken outside of shea’s hometown of kremmling, colorado
Shea Hill-Vega was born and raised in the heart of the Rocky Mountains on her family’s ranch in Kremmling, CO. She is a 5th generation rancher; still working the family ranch alongside her father, mother, sister and brother and their families. Her fondest memories of growing up on the ranch include spending long days in the saddle and working with her family. Shea’s father raised her and her sisters to work alongside the boys but still act like ladies and show respect in all areas of life; following the example set by her mother, grandmothers, and aunts, as they were all such amazingly strong ranch women. They would work alongside the men all day and then prepare enormous meals for the entire crew, all while raising their children and tending to their family’s needs. Shea’s father traveled the world and had a lot of success in the arena as well, winning many world show titles and is now in the Team Penning Hall of Fame. Shea has been involved with animals, especially horses, since she could sit in a saddle at a young age of 2. She hauled all over the country with her father, mother and siblings, growing up team penning, rodeoing, and showing 4-H livestock. Shea loves the outdoors, enjoys hunting and fishing, and is an avid and fierce competitor. She has excelled in the horse industry, winning significant awards at both state and national levels. All of Shea’s family are all outdoorsmen and together on their family ranch they run a guiding and outfitting business, run black Angus cattle, and raise top of the line American Quarter Horses. Her brother runs the hunting, while her mom, dad, and younger sister run the cattle operation, and she runs the horse program. They do everything together as a family, through thick and thin. Her family is very close.
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She is also a member of the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association, Colorado Professional Rodeo Association, and several other barrel horse associations. Her focus these days is on training and competing with the performance horses that her family raises. All of her horses are ranched on and used both inside and outside the arena. In recent years she has shifted from rodeoing herself to hauling her boys. Shea’s boys have all inherited her competitive spirit, spending most of the winter months down on the front range where they all compete in roping and rodeos. During the summer months, they spend most of their time at the family ranch in Kremmling. After going through a heartbreaking divorce due to severe addiction and abuse in 2018, Shea has taken some of the more painful lessons of her life and turned them into opportunities; talking with women across America, particularly in the ranching and equine world, about how alcohol and drugs can change a person and the tragedy it can bring a family. She graciously thanks two very dear friends, Bill and Carol Corneliuson, for helping her to gain strength in the Lord during those difficult times. She holds no grudges and has forgiven all but feels very strongly that the influences and standards a child is raised around structures them into the adults they will become and wants her children to remember the hardship that drugs & alcohol created for their family. She has become heavily involved in a few small groups that help battered women and children through her church and feels all women must know that they can get out, be safe and live a joyful life. Shea loves her life now; happy, healthy, and proud that her family has overcome the obstacle that taught them all many life lessons. She is honored to be an American Cowgirl and proudly represents the western lifestyle. Shea feels blessed to be able to raise her boys with the same values passed on for generations from a longtime ranching family. The ranching and rodeo lifestyle has led her to many great longtime friendships and heavily influenced her as a person. She is grateful for this way of life and the hard lessons that come with it and, most importantly, for her boys, her family and the Lord’s gift of life.
Shea currently lives in Loveland, Colorado where she runs the equine operation and indoor arena owned by her family, alongside her husband Emilio Vega and her three boys. Emilio is a well-known horseman; starting colts and training performance horses. Together the two have a tremendous amount of love and compassion for horses and strong family values. Shea runs her horses at the ranch in Kremmling throughout the summer right alongside the cattle in the high country at up to 10,000 feet altitude. All the broodmares and colts will go up there around June 1st and come home when the snow flies. She believes this is the best thing for them; they get to be horses and learn where to put their feet. In addition to her hard work in the equine arena, Shea has earned a degree in elementary education and holds a Colorado Real Estate License. She is currently working to get her master’s degree and plans to finish that sometime in the next two years. She currently works as the Accounting and HR manager for an engineering firm in Fort Collins, CO and loves her job but especially loves teaching her boys a strong work ethic. She works part-time at the engineering firm, trains horses, and still pitches in on the family ranch. Her true passion in life is her three boys, Gus, Hogan & Jax, and their horses. She always wanted to be a mom, having a soft spot for children and attracting them anywhere she goes. Her boys are actively involved in the rodeo lifestyle and many different sports and keep her running.
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FEEDERS & FRIENDS are just a small group of ranchers that get together to financially support families each year who have a loved one that may need specific medical care or a special need. This group has been running now for 18 years and has raised over a half a million dollars for their recipients. By the grace of God they are helping families through fundraising rodeo events, gift giving, donations and for all of the time by our ranchers helping those who need it the most.
shea and her horse - ragged charm
american cowgirl #12 shea hill-Vega - colorado BLAZING WYOMING
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