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american cowgirl #15 kim crago - south dakota our cowgirl ambassador for chutes for charity
Photo image selected for the painting
american cowgirl #15 kim crago - south dakota k-s ranch
the painting “ American cowgirl #15 - kim crago - south dakota”
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american cowgirl #15 kim crago - south dakota
Kim and Scott own and manage their historic ranch just outside of Belle Fourche, South Dakota.
I grew up on my family’s ranch in western South Dakota, near Belle Fourche, South Dakota, and I have made a life of working with cattle and horses.
Deep in my heart is the desire to share, encourage, and inspire others to learn and understand more about our ranching heritage and western way of life.
These horses not only carried me through long days on the ranch, but they also gave their heart and soul to ride with me into the winner’s circle in many events. I have competed at different levels in rodeos and horse shows, so I consider myself a “Ranch Cowgirl.” The most important parts of my life are to be a Mother and a Grandmother, and I am so proud to share in all of my special life moments that surround my family.
Through the years, the hours and days of saddling at sunrise, trailing, branding, doctoring cattle, and unsaddling at dark, created bonds and memories with my horses, my family, and my friends that are priceless.
Early on, it was evident that my love and connection with horses and cattle would greatly influence who I am today.
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kim and her horse
KIM CRAGO was on-boarded into the line-up as American Cowgirl #15 on DECEMBER 21, 2014 PHOTOSHOOT DATES LOCATIONS FEBRUARY 17, 2015 singletary RANCH - SURPRISE, ARIZONA August 2, 2016 nuhn RANCH - Alzada, MONTANA AUGUST 3, 2016 CRAGO RANCH - BELLE FOURCHE, SOUTH DAKOTA JULY 27, 2017 K-S RANCH - BELLE FOURCHE, SOUTH DAKOTA SEPTEMBER 23, 2019 K-S RANCH - BELLE FOURCHE, SOUTH DAKOTA The actual image which was my inspiration for KIM’s painting was taken at the CRAGO RANCH, BELLE FOURCHE, SOUTH DAKOTA.
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kim shares how a dramatic life tragedy shaped her into the cowgirl she is today
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