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american cowgirl # 3 hope raley - north dakota our cowgirl ambassador for stomp out bullying
hope raley’s tribute video not yet available on Youtube                      AMERICAN COWGIRL #03 - north dakota
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american cowgirl #3 hope raley - north dakota deep creek cattle company
the painting “ American cowgirl #03 - hope sickler - colorado ”
Lana’s tribute video coming soon after completion of her painting.
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american cowgirl #3 hope raley - north dakota
Hope and her husband Aaron live on the Sickler family ranch outside of Dickinson, North Dakota. Hope is also a Futurity Horse Trainer and continues to build their ranch herd of Black Angus with her husband. They also contribute to helping the family with the harvest. The herd they are building is under their company called the Deep Creek Cattle Company.
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(hope was single and living in colorado when the painting was completed)
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hope and her gelding, butters
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Hope raley was on-boarded into the line-up as American Cowgirl # 4 on april 9, 2014. PHOTOSHOOT DATES LOCATIONS july 3, 2014 howelson park pro rodeo - steamboat springs, colorado july 5, 2014 adams county fair - brighton, colorado july 6, 2014 ranch - watkins, colorado october 1, 2019 west river community center - dickinson, north dakota The actual image which was THE inspiration for hope’ s painting was taken outside of watkins, colorado
I was born in North Dakota into the Sickler 3rd generation farming ranch family. My grandparents love for horses was how I fell in love with horses at an early age. I high school rodeoed and made the high school finals three years in a row. After high school, I bought my WPRA card and have placed at or won many WPRA/PRCA rodeos throughout the country. Currently my lifetime earnings are over $70,000 and growing. I am grateful to my family, especially my parents Shane and Jana, for their continued support over the years. I graduated college from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Equine Science with an emphasis in Agriculture Business. During my time in college, I started writing for our college newspaper and that ignited my love for writing. I have achieved a few awards over the years for my writing, my biggest writing accomplishment being named Writer of the Year for a magazine I once wrote for. I have written for several large magazines including Barrel Horse News, The WRANGLER, Barrel Racing Report, Rodeo News, and several local newspapers. My family and I live on the Sickler Family Farm northeast of Dickinson, North Dakota. My family farms and my husband and I help as much as we can. We also have cattle, which my husband and I really have a passion for. Within the last year, my husband and I have worked hard building our small herd of registered black angus cattle. My husband and I also own a small trucking company which we have been running since 2017.
STOMP Out Bullying™
and other
digital abuse
, educates against
LGBTQ+ discrimination
violence in schools
, online and in communities across the country. 
. It teaches
effective solutions on
how to respond to all forms of bullying
help for those in need and at risk of suicide
, and raises awareness through
I believe that every child should grow up free of bullying so they may achieve their own greatness and to enjoy a life that is filled with respect and dignity.
I have been training barrel horses, specializing in futurity horses, for over 5 years and my greatest accomplishment to date would be winning a round in the derby at the 2016 Barrel Futurities of America (BFA) on one of my horses and placing on and qualifying for the short round on two other horses that make up our small breeding program. To my knowledge, I am one of few to have qualified three horses back to the BFA Derby short round in one year. Today my day is a little different than it was 5 years ago, as I am chasing around a very sassy toddler most of the time. I am busy training our home raised horses but still make time to train and take in some outside horses, although my main goal is promoting our family horse program Deep Creek Quarter Horses and colts out of our mares- Robin Meade and Famous French Flair. The most important thing when raising my daughter Sonora is that she grows up and comes to know the Cowgirl way of life.
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