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american cowgirl #16 ginger laduke - wyoming our cowgirl ambassador for make a wish - wyoming
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american cowgirl #16 ginger laduke - wyoming t7 ranch
the painting “ American cowgirl #16 - ginger laduke - wyoming”
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american cowgirl #16 ginger laduke - wyoming
Ginger and her husband own and manage their T7 Ranch just south of Gillette, Wyoming where they raise their Performance Horses and cattle on their sprawling ranch.
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ginger shares what impacts her \soul in the Cowgirl way of life
ginger and her sorrel “ henry”
GINGER LADUKE was on-boarded into the line-up as American Cowgirl #16 on MAY 26, 2015 PHOTOSHOOT DATES LOCATIONS MAY 18, 2016 T7 RANCH - GILLETTE, WYOMING MAY 19, 2016 T7 RANCH - GILLETTE, WYOMING August 4, 2016 T7 RANCH - GILLETTE, WYOMING The actual image which was THE inspiration for GINGERs painting was taken at the T7 RANCH, GILLETTE, WYOMING
I grew up on the historic T7 Ranch 30 miles south of Gillette, Wyoming, where ranching and rodeo were a daily affair. Since I was a small girl, I would take the big circle gathering pastures. The men in my life always treated me as one of them, and I was expected to know the cattle and the land for which they held me accountable. I was also surrounded by strong ranch women who would work alongside the men but somehow could prepare huge meals for the cowboys at the same time all while raising their children. I thought of them as super women and they taught me how to multitask. For the Edwards family, rodeo was a family affair. My dad, Dave roped calves and also had a lot of success in the arena. He always rode really great horses and never settled for anything less. My mom Eva trained barrel horses and is still finding herself in the winner’s circle today. My brother Kean is also an accomplished competitive roper. Growing up, the Edwards family would ranch during the day and practice at night. I feel that I got my competitiveness from my Dad and my deep love for horses from my Mom. I have competed in the rodeo arena since I was 3 years old. From an early age, I have held many State and Regional championship titles that have carried on to professional rodeo and barrel racing today. My husband Will and I are raising two children, Tel and Lila, with the same western upbringing that I value so much. The kids work alongside both of us and their grandparents on the ranch. They also compete in the rodeo arena, and I wish to instill in them a love and respect of the land and livestock that provide them with this lifestyle. Will and I also run a cow/calf operation, and we also raise a few
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quality colts every year out of proven bloodlines. Will is the Head Rodeo Coach for Gillette College, and we have worked together to build strong teams and stay competitive with regional and national championships. I am still very competitive in the arena, and I have focused on training and competing on performance horses. These horses excel inside and outside of the arena, and will be future rodeo horses for my kids. I am so proud to be a Wyoming Cowgirl and raise my children with the same values that have been passed on for generations.
ginger shares a reason why she loves her cowgirl way of life
This organization is really close to my heart
Ginger has raised and trained Henry since he was a colt. The bond between a Cowgirl and her horse is a strong example for Ginger as Henry has risen in competition and has proven himself in all ranch duties.
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