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american cowgirl # 4 barbie sitkiewicz - illinois our cowgirl ambassador for gentle giants belgian horse rescue
barbie sitkiewicz’s tribute video not yet available on Youtube                      AMERICAN COWGIRL #04 - Illinois
Photo image selected for the painting
the painting “ American cowgirl #04 - barbie sitkiewicz - illinois ”
Lana’s tribute video coming soon after completion of her painting.
photo & canvas IMAGES of american cowgirl # 4
american cowgirl #4 barbie sitkiewicz - illinois
AMERICAN COWGIRL #4           illinois
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It was a lifelong dream of a girl living in the hustle and bustle of Chicago to live the cowgirl life that inspired Barbara Sitkiewicz to her realize her dream when her family acquired a small weekend ranch in the lush farm county of Southern Wisconsin. Barbara worked her first job, dedicating all of her earnings to her dream, and was finally able to buy her first horse. She lived for the weekends and would ride in the exquisite countryside alone, and with new riding friends. Toggling between city and country life for many years, Barbara pursued higher education degrees, achieved a successful career in the field of education, all while raising her two boys, Zach and Ethan. Eventually, the cowgirl life won when Barbara designed and built her Belgian draft horse ranch in Bull Valley, Illinois. The strength, wisdom, and gentleness of her magnificent draft horses characterize sought after qualities that she and her sons appreciate and incorporate in there lives. The ethereal beauty of the morning sun on the dewy grass while the Belgians lazily graze, with their long blonde tails swishing every so often, reinforces the knowing for Barbara, that she made the right decision in pursuing her lifelong dream of living the cowgirl life.
barbie sitkiewicz was on-boarded into the line-up as American Cowgirl # 4 on july 9, 2014. PHOTOSHOOT DATES LOCATIONS August 2, 3, 4, 5, 2014 sitkiewicz ranch - bull valley, illinois The actual image which was THE inspiration for barbies painting was taken at barbie’s ranch in bull valley, illinois
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